Monday, April 7, 2008

When is it OK?

When is it okay to open an good, PRICEY bottle of wine?

A special occasion? A fantastically cooked meal? An old friend in town? A perfectly happy day? No reason at all? A really bad day (or couple of days)? A MONDAY night?

Well unlike my single days in which I always had a couple bottles lying about. Or like my sisters who have numerous reds or numerous whites to choose from... I once again find the cupboard lacking. Nothing but one good bottle. (A bottle given to me one night before Christmas after teasing a guy who I did some pro-bono design work for--he owed me!!) How sad for a foodie who loves her wine.

I have had a couple bad days. It is only Monday. The kids were trying at times today but nothing especially good or bad happened. But I was tired. I SHOULD be dieting... or watching it. Do I open it? I REALLY want a glass!


Single Girl and The City said...

Me and a friend had the same discussion a few nights ago. We came to the conclusion that a great pricey wine always make a bad day better so definitely a bad day would be a great reason to pop it open:) heck sometimes, you don`t even need to have a reason.

taste memory said...

yes sometimes you don't need a reason to open a nice bottle of wine....the prob is (having three little munchkins myself)at least for me; a couple of glasses of wine adds lbs. It also makes me eat more; which I love to do!

I've always been a size 2 type of person be4 babies and then I got stuck with the last 10 lbs. when all said & done. Throw in some wine w. brie n' bread=10 lbs. more for moi.

My friend just told me to buy bigger pants...! but I've been on a PARTIAL raw foods thing *minus the wine too ;( the last 90 days and a/o last Friday lost 10 lbs. ......intent on losing 12lbs. more and then I'm done.

Just thought to mention, 'cuz i love wine too ~ esp. the whole romance + beauty @ winemaking.

sorry for the ramble ;-)

Kate said...

There's never going to be a "good enough" time to open a nice bottle, so I see no problem with turning an average day into an excuse to enjoy!

Nicole said...

Well and so I DID open it! As I decided what the "F" (pardon my french). And there was something of the effect that opening it makes the day special in the movie "Sideways." But now in all honesty, I didn't think the wine was ALL that special. It was good but very strong... or spicy. I like full bodied reds. They are my favorite but this one... Hmmm ... hard to say what was wrong with it but I have had better in the $20-$30 range and this bottle sells around $45 I think.

So glad you stopped by Kate!

Taste memory, don't worry about rambling! I am a queen at it. I HEAR you about the lbs.! I used to be a size 2 as well. Well from the waist up always. But my problem portion went from 2-8 depending. After kids though I lost FAST! Until I stopped nursing and it started to creep back up! And my once ALWAYS flat stomach is no longer so. I need to drop 10-15. I think more would be to hard to maintain. But I do love my food and wine! When single, I lost weight drinking wine every night. But I didn't eat many carbs and had fabulous fish and steak and veggies all the time. Now two kids and a "new decade" older... It is tough! If I could work out, it would surely be a lot easier. I don't know if I can do the raw thing like you. It doesn't sound that appealing.

deLa said...

for christmas one year my aunt gave me two bottles of red wine that were straight from france, i couldnt read a dang thing that was on the labels. i decided to drink one immediately, and chose the youngest. that was christmas 06 and i just recently finished off the remaining bottle. im actually a little sad that i drank either of them! but ohhhhh they were SO good! i kept one of the bottles just to set out on my wine rack because "it looks cool!" haha!

Nicole said...

I know what you mean Dela. I have been there. But then again you only live once so maybe we should open the bottles of wine, wear purple hats and dance like there is no tomorrow! So glad you stopped by my site!