Saturday, April 5, 2008

Better the second time around

That is one thing about soup... it seems to better with time just like a fine wine. Well not too much time but a day or two later... it is superb. So serve it up!

This time I made paninis with prociutto, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil and kalmata olives. I love my panini grill! It is so fun and makes great food.

The kids just had regular mozzarella and salami in their panini.

A light chardonnay seemed to fit the meal well.

The left over tomato soup is going in the freezer to be used as the base for a marinara sauce the next time I make spaghetti! And so it evolves.


Visit ToDay said...

Looks delicious ^^

Jared said...

Those panini's look quite tasty. i have one of those $10 grilled cheese sandwich makers, but it definitely doesn't make all those crispy grooves like a real panini press.

Nicole said...

Well if it tastes good, the grooves don't matter that much. This is the one I have:
But I don't think it was that much at the time. It was a gift from our wedding registry.