Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Chef in the Making!

Danielle decided she needed to do some cooking the other day.

These are all things she, herself decided to pull out and "cook" with.

Danielle started to describe things as she "cooked".

After this point it got really crazy! A measuring cup with some water.... the bread.... some colored sprinkles... some stirring and some pouring into small bottles. Lots of talking and description as she went. I got it on the camera but I cannot figure out how to get it onto the computer. We have a new Sony digital video camera. From the searching around I did, I don't think it is compatible with my MAC!!! I can't believe it. I am so irritated. If anyone knows a way around this or how to upload to a Macintosh, please let me know.



Single Girl and The City said...

Ha! She's adorable, Nicole! I remember being awed by my mom as a kid when she was cooking. Super cute!

Lisa Conmara said...

i had trouble with our jvc too, connect it with a usb and if you go into the files and look around you should see either something like E:> or Foreign Drive. Click on it and your vids will come up and you can "move"them to the C drive.

Good luck!

Nicole said...

Thanks single girl!

Lisa – Thanks for the advice. The problem I am having is that when I connect the jvc with my usb, I cannot see anything. It is not being recognized by my computer. I do not have the C drive etc... as I am on a MAC. I fear this is my problem. Arrrghhhhh!!! Why can't these people recognize that MAC users really use their media just as others do!

Lulu said...

Way too cute! I love when kids make industrious little messes!

Nicole said...

Well if you saw the end product Lulu... a "mess" would be an understatement!