Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Appetizers Anyone?

How about a glass of wine? Beer?

As with any dinner party, I like to offer something to munch on while I finish up the main courses. I am busy cooking up a post for you on my Sunday night dinner party in honor of my cousin's recent engagement and birthday and just because. Happy Birthday Erica and CONGRATULATIONS too!!!

And while your top your baguette with some roasted bell peppers, medley of olives, kalmata hummus, smoked salmon or avocado cilantro hummus from my antipasta platter, let me also tell you my game plan for the blog over the next few weeks.

First I will give you a rather detailed post of the dinner on Sunday which consisted of a few different dishes. These were taken from a few different sources as well.

Next, I have a goal. And maybe by sharing it with you, I can ACTUALLY accomplish it. I hate to loose face. I am HOPING to offer only a few short posts each week as I need to direct my energies toward the upcoming Stationery Show in New York. So between now and May 22nd, I hope to be working more on that and less so on this blog. (On a side note: If ANYONE knows ANYTHING about setting up a trade show with NO money (virtually) or about the National Stationery Show in NY, PLEASE share any insight, advice or wisdom. The show is May 17-21st. Thanks!!!)

Now I do not want to abandon you or my happy little blog entirely for a month. Which comes to my third point. I am NOT happy with my current shape. I have gained since I stopped breast feeding, just over a year ago and am reluctant to buy clothes for my current state. In the past the easiest and best option for me has been to cut out the sugar and flour etc... Basically- low carb.

So the next few weeks I hope to keep both you and myself interested by creating interesting low carb meals that satisfy. It will be a challenge and I hope you don't mind hanging on for the ride.

For those of you who are ultra worried about nutrition, I do eat fruit and will occasionally eat oatmeal or healthy grains at breakfast. And for those of you worried about lack of some hedonism, I will drink a glass of wine from time to time and I will have a bite of chocolate. I have to have some indulgence now and then.

The table is set. Just finishing up the menu.


Erin said...

Good luck w/ the stationary trade show. I have no advice to offer, due to my complete lack of artistic skills, but I hope you figure it all out. Sounds exciting!

Yes, I do live in the city of Chicago. I'm on the North side, where it's a little more of a neighborhood feeling. Still city-like, though... I love leaving my car in the same spot all week :) My hubby and I got married in Kansas City, and wanted to experience a big city, so now here we are. It's a fantastic city, and I love working downtown and all the fun stuff there is to do around town.

You're in Cali, right? My mom's whole family is all around LA, so I've spent a decent amount of time there. You're lucky to live somewhere w/ such great weather!

Emily said...

The table looks amazing!! Don't worry about abandoning us just make sure you have enouph time to get done what you need to do. I am in the same boat as you these days when it comes to my shape. Since I stopped playing hockey at a very high levle I haven't been to pleased with my "new" shape. I will continue to post baked goods because I have to make them for class at school but I am going to join you and try to eat right.

Nicole said...

Erin- Thank you. I am feeling better about the show now that I have sort of started. Also I called up a girl who went last year and she offered a lot of advice.

That is great that you and your husband decided to live in a big city. I wish I had done so when single. I was single for so long and I think it would have really suited me.

Yes, I am in So. Cal. About an hour south of LA. I am 3rd generation so it is all I really know. But I cannot complain about the weather. I love it usually. I would prefer more rain though.

Emily- Thanks so much! Maybe if we work on it together, we can do a better job. I do know I have to work out some. But w/ 2 kids and part time work at home??? Hard to do.

Lulu said...

Good luck with your stationary and the trade show! I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Lulu said...
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