Friday, April 25, 2008

Maria's Mexican Tuna

For those of you who read this post, you will know of my current goal to eat a little better and get back into my "measuring pants." I don't really believe in scales for it is not the number that is important to me but how I look in my clothes and I hate the dreaded "D" word. So let's just call it food modification both in the type of food and portion. For me low-carb seems to work fairly well.

So this is the first post in the purposely low-carb set that I hope to maintain at least until I go to NY or fit in my "measuring pants".

Maria is my nanny. She comes once a week to watch the kids so I can work on my freelance graphics or my stationery line. Maria is from Mexico and is very sweet with the kids. She and I enjoy sharing recipes and food tips. I haven't tasted much of what she cooks but the few things that she has made are great. I have a feeling she makes a mean Mexican dinner!

The other day, Maria asked if I wanted some of the Tuna she made. I have to say I was blown away and never thought of doing tuna in this fashion. She made it all from things in my pantry. She used a can of tuna (I usually buy white albacore in water). To this she added a little mayonnaise and stirred it up. Then she tossed in chopped onion, tomato, cilantro, jalapeño (I had a can of jalapenos that she used but fresh would be good too) and diced avocado. Of course it was seasoned too- salt and pepper to taste. She stirred it all up and served it on a plate with tortilla chips and crackers.

I recreated it the other day and put it in a lettuce cup to avoid the carbs. It was packed with flavor and filled me up nicely! I highly recommend trying it. If you like it REALLY spicy, add more jalapeño or if you are not into the heat, substitute mild green chiles for the jalapeño.


Emily said...

Yum I thik I might try this for lunch tomorrow! I think I will sub plain yogurt in for the mayo.

The Committee said...

That sounds so good, I love tuna salad.

Visit ToDay said...

I don't like tuna :p
But i'll try it then. Looks interesting huh :D

Tartelette said...

That looks so fresh and delicious! That will be dinner this week!

Betty C. said...

This looks absolutely delicious...something to try for the nice days that I hope are coming up here in SW France.

Nicole said...

Emily- Yogurt would be a healthier alternative. Good choice.

The Committee- Welcome!

Visit Today- Try it or substitute shredded chicken!

Tartlette- Welcome! Let me know how you like it.

Betty- Thank you. It is very satisfying.

Jared said...

I normally don't pay too much mind to Tuna salad but this sounds really good. Can't go wrong with spicing things up.

Nicole said...

Hey Jared! I love spice too. It always makes things taste better.