Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thai Takeout

Hello! I figured I cannot wait too too long between posts or anyone with an interest, will lose it. But what shall I write about? I haven't made anything too too interesting. With such little children and a philosophy of "waste not..." You know the saying. I tend to have a sort of "left-over" hodge-podge night half the time. And even still, more food gets wasted than I care to admit or think about.

But I need diversity. I like it in everything from what I do to what I eat. And a night off from cooking is welcome as well. I was looking at the myriad of photos I took in the last few weeks and realized I didn't write about our new Thai place.

I suppose the place isn't all that new in and of itself but we just came to find it a few months back. It is called Supatra'sThai Bistro and is in nearby Yorba Linda. I cannot quite say that it is the very best Thai food I have ever had but it does hit the spot. The Gang Ped (red curry) is ESPECIALLY delicious! I can eat the whole thing myself. I get it very spicy as I can handle it and just love the heat juxtaposed with the sweet coconut milk. Really, I could drink the sauce! It is sooo good. And if I don't happen to eat it all up in one sitting (which is what usually happens), it tastes almost better the next day for lunch. I crave this stuff now and then!

In the pre-kid days I did a lot of adventuresome cooking and was willing to drive to numerous stores and towns for all the perfect ingredients. Now, it is not just the time to cook the dish but to have to scour the OC for the right ingredient??? Just NOT going to happen with these little ones. So if you have a great curry dish that does not call for a special trip to an Asian market or Thai store, please let me know. I would love to hear it and try it out.

I plan to make a duo of soups tonight. Mushroom soup and tomato soup. (I think). So stay tuned for posts on that in the coming days.


Erin said...

I know it's cheating, but Trader Joes has a couple fantastic curry sauces. You can choose to use it however, and I love that it's so much easier than curry from scratch. Although I would love to try to make my own curry sometime, too. That Thai place sounds good!

Lisa Conmara said...

great post!

we have a great thai take away place too... it sings to me as i drive by "you need thai fooooood"

i have given up using jars just because i've had a few bad experiences but i do use shortcuts - thai green curry paste + coconut milk = pretty much a curry!

I was looking to make my own curry paste one time but the list of spices! my my it was long! most only sold in speciality shops too but someday...someday...

Nicole said...

Erin, I am a huge Trader Joe fan. I have been for years and years. Do you get the simmer sauce in the jar? I have tried the yellow curry simmer sauce and have had the red one sitting in my pantry for a few months. The yellow was good but???? Thicker and just not the same. Maybe it just tastes more Indian? I don't know. Yesterday I bought curry chicken tenders in the fresh meat section. I will have to see how they turn out. I have been really happy with most of their meats and marinades.

Lisa I will have to try your quick fix for my next curry. Thanks!