Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hiking Food and Wild Flowers

I hadn't taken Danielle on a hike before today. I thought she was too little, would get too tired and I certainly didn't think I could carry her back. But today I thought we'd give it a try. We have a state reserve right across from our house. It is our main view.

Danielle felt we should have snacks. After all we were going to be gone for at LEAST 45 minutes! She packed (with a little guidance) some beef jerky, nuts, water and of course Pirates Booty! (That was for her... I guess she needs the carbs).

View from atop the large rock on the hill where we stopped for our snack. We look out at this rock from our windows. Our house is in one of the rows near the main street you see. On a clearer day you would be able to see the ocean to the far left and wayyyyy in the distance.

Danielle carried the snacks in her little purse that Madeline handed down to her.

This is the view from the other side of the rock. The hills are so green and dotted with wild flowers and different colors. So nice after all the rains we had this year.

In some spots you can see the remains of the wild fires last year. These two photos are in the same spot but my hand/eye moved over a couple inches. Interesting how different they are with the change of focus from the flower to the burnt branch.

The paths are lovely this year and the wildflowers are so tall. Great for taking a little home with us!

I think she was having fun!

We found a big walking stick that Danielle wanted to take home and show daddy and Nicholas.

Fields and fields of these flowers about. Beautiful!

So not really about food today but the art of hiking and spending time with your children. Enjoying "our world". Danielle looked out at the view when we got to the top and said, "Oh look at our world out there! I see it."

A QUICK RANT!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I did not want this site to be a place where I complain or b**ch or put any ranting or negative thoughts. Food flops aside. But I just need to get this off of my chest. I am upset. I know it is probably silly to get worked up. But while out w/ her dad who felt he needed a hair cut,Danielle (who had her very FIRST haircut about 4 weeks ago--it grows very slowly) decided she wanted to do hers too. And he said OK!!!!!!!!!!!!! They must have taken 3 or 4 INCHES off!!!!! This is NO trim. It was FINALLY growing. FINALLY near her shoulders. It was soooooo pretty. Now it is so short. She is almost 4 and with her baby face, looks like she did just before she was 2!!!!!!! She looks like a baby. My husband says I am being childish and silly but her hair... It is a shame and for no good reason either. I know it is only hair that grows back and there are worse things. So many horrible things. But if it were for medical reasons or even an accident or something. LEARN to say NOOOOOO to your child now and then. He is an adult. There was no reason they should have done this. And we actually PAID for it?????? Commmmeee on!!!! He should understand how a woman would feel about her only daughter's hair!
Okay there! Maybe it is out now and we can move on and wait 2 years for it to grow back. Sorry if I sound immature and bring you all in on this. I won't do it again.


Emily said...

Don't worry about your rant at all. Sometimes it is best to just let it all out. Try not to let Danielle's hair bother you too much though. Dose the short hair bother her?

Nicole said...

She says she likes her hair (this girl is very stubborn and cannot say sorry or that she is wrong). But in the past she has always asked how to get it to grow longer like a princess. It is one way to get her to occasionally eat vegetables.

taste memory said...

I just ranted about the awful dining solutions where I was great you ranted - gives your post more passion to 'art & aioli'....yeah guys, for example: mine says his birthday is not a big deal....I say for ME: MY birthdays are a big deal - I celebrate my birthday the week before, the week of, the day of and I've decided ot to go overboard and whittle down to continue the celebration a day or two after the fact ;-)

Danielle still looks beautiful - but I understand!

California wildflowers are luscious - thanks for these glorious photos!

Nicole said...

Thanks for letting me rant AND for listening!!! ;-) I know she is still beautiful. She just looks more like she did as a baby now. Several people today told me how cute my "babies" were. At this point, I think she wants to be a "big girl". She will never be this age again. Sigh...

Don't even get me started on the birthday thing!!!

Glad you celebrate in style!!! Good for you!!

Jared said...

Looks like a nice hike. One of the biggest benefits of blogs is a forum for ranting so I wouldn't sweat it. I don't have any kids at present, but I imagine I will stay away from the girls haircut department when I do.

Nicole said...

Thanks for the support Jared. And when and if you find yourself with a daughter, DO NOT cut her hair without talking to her mom first! That is good that you know not to. Some things are just for the mom (unless she is a total tomboy and doesn't care about that).

Lulu said...

Your pictures from the hike are gorgeous.

I definitely understand about the hair thing, while I try not to go with gender stereotypes on many things I do feel strongly that a daughter's hair is the Mom's concern, not the Dad's. There might be some good news though, when I was your daughter's age, my sister put gum in my hair and we had to cut it all off (like from below my waist to just below my chin). After the cut my hair grew faster although I had traded in my baby ringlets for straight hair. So maybe her hair will grow super fast now!

Nicole said...

I hope you are right Lulu! Glad you liked the photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear ya, sister! Rant away! Your husband, as much as you love, honor, worship him, was completely wrong..... Yikes! On the plus side, shorter hair is easier to care for than longer, CURLY locks. (deep sigh!) Sorry, my dear. Cute story though.

xoxox Amy

Nicole said...

Thank you for your sympathetic comment, Amy. I really appreciate it. Welcome to my blog! So glad you paid a visit.