Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What do you believe?

Do you believe in "No pain, no gain", "No guts, no glory", "Hard work always pays off" ????

Or do you think that the best things just come easily and naturally?

I don't know what I believe. Sometime I have received wonderful things in life without thought or effort. And sometimes I have tried, worked, sweated and cried to no avail.

Well the last couple months (and still for a while longer), I have and will exert a lot of pain, guts and hard work! Will it pay off? I sure hope so!

Here are the boxes I shipped out a week ago to NY. And by the wonders of modern technology, I was able to use a few quick finger strokes online and find out that UPS delivered them at 10:17 this morning and even the name of the person signing for it! Well at least I know they are there at the convention center. Now I just have to take the remaining things and pack those and my personal clothes etc.... In about 48 hours from now we should be in New York!


Erin said...

Good luck in New York! I hope you make some great connections for work... and eat some great meals for pleasure :) I'm tech-challenged, but if you want, I'd love to put a link to your website (the stationary one), if you tell me how. Your stuff is too cute!

Sherry said...

Wishing you much success! Have a great time in NYC - have you ever been there?

Nicole said...

Erin- Thank you so much! I would love it if you wanted to put my link on your website. I am a little tech-challenged myself. I had to put the square logo/banner in as a picture in the sidebar then put another element of text which I was able to link. In order to get the banner to link itself when clicked on, I needed to add some code which I don't know how to do. Maybe when I get back I can figure it out??? I don't know. You can either grab that and do what I did or we can figure it out when I get back. Thanks again!

Sherry- Thank you so much. It is so heart-warming to have so many well wishers. And I HAVE been to NYC on 3 other occasions which were just for fun and site seeing, so I won't feel too badly that we don't have any time for that.

familiabencomo said...

Yay! Everything is less worry. Good luck, girlfriend! I hope you & your mom have a great time.

xoxox Amy

Nicole said...

Thanks Amy!