Monday, May 5, 2008

A Call for Recommendations
As many/most of you know, I am leaving for New York very soon. While there I will be so busy with the trade show that we will not have time to really site see or play in the city but we WILL need to eat dinner! I am traveling with my mother who also really enjoys a good meal. She is not used to slumming anything but is open to a lot of different types of cuisine. Since most of you are all foodies too, I thought you might have some restaurant recommendations for us. Especially those of you who live there!

Thanks! I appreciate all your insight.
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taste memory said...

hey nicole your blog looks lovely! I'm just getting back and have been in + out of town lately and totally missing the blog fun about nyc!

if you are near the east village check momofuku noodle bar-same owner recently opened up ssam bar. i go to nyc often - i do have some posts on it if you want to check out.

just avoid little italy, total tourist trap+not good food. great italian over @ the village; but be aware some spots you might have to call ahead to reserve.

omg - have fun!!!

That Girl said...

Here are my recs:
Best Deli: Stage Deli (100 times better than Carnegie - located across the street)

Best Black and White Cookie - The Roxy @ Times Square. But don't eat here. The foods no good. Just really good cookies!

I also love Dervish for AMAZING Turkish food. So good!

I completely agree with taste memory about Little Italy with one exception. The cannolis at Ferraras are literally to die for.

I love Peking Duck House in Chinatown for some Chinese food.

Laura (Pinot and Prose) said...

Hi Nicole, I responded to your query as a blog post ( I agree - avoid Little Italy. I would also recommend avoiding Chinatown, unless you have a specific recommendation from someone. Flushing, Queens is the best place for Chinese food...and I'm guessing you won't have time to trek out to Queens!

Nicole said...

Taste Memory- Thank you! And thanks for the recommendations. It should be fun once I get there and have everything done. I will check out your other posts.

Kate- Cool. Thanks! I have done the Little Italy thing before. And you guys are right. Nothing special. But I have not been to Ferraras.

Laura- Thank you soooo much for the fabulous post on your blog. It is great. So much good information. You are right- after long days at the show (Javits Center- Near Lincoln Tunnel), we probably won't be in the mood to go too too far so we probably won't make it to Queens. Maybe next time.

Kristen said...

My husband travels to NY for work all the time and always gets to eat out on the company dime. I'll have to check with him to see what some of his favorite spots are. One place I remember him talking about is a restaurant called Nicholas... supposed to be wonderful, but might be kind of high dollar.

Love your blog :)

taste memory said...

This girl @ FM knows her town:
I have never been to Perilla but she blogged on it and it reminded me of BOLO which was crazy YUM(which I blogged about) but it closed!

FM told me reservations a must!


Nicole said...

Thank you, Kristen and welcome to Art and Aioli! Let me know what else your husband comes up with. We might do one pricey night.

Taste Memory- I will check out FM's site! Thanks!

Jaime said...

No recs from me since I've only been there once, but have a great time!!!

Jared said...


I'm thinking I may have read this too late, but if you haven't eaten dinner already I would recommend Blue Smoke BBQ on East 27th street between park and lexington ave. ( Really good BBQ food and atmosphere. Hope you enjoyed the city.

Anonymous said...

Hi, honey! OK, having lived in NYC for 5 years & NEVER cooking, I have quite a long list of restaurants for you. However, that was 10 years ago & some are no longer cool or ar now closed. I will recommend one restaurant which I know is still open & is QUITE different from the rest - Cafe Mingala. It's Burmese cuisine & there is not another one out there - I have looked for 10 years! Try the Mango Beef.

My other recommendation is the Martinez Valero Shoe Store on 3rd Ave & 61st. I used to walk by there every day on my way home from work & would reward myself with a pair of shoes at least once a month (ah, the good old, single & I'll spend my money on shoes instead of food days!). Definitely go with your mom there! When my mom is in NY she always swings by there to indulge me.

OK, I have tagged you for an award AND for a recipe game.

xoxox Amy

Nicole said...

Hey Jared- I haven't left yet. Next week. I keep Blue Smoke in mind. I have a huge list forming!

Amy- I didn't know you lived in NY! How fun that must have been! Sex and the City style with the shoes it sounds. I have Cafe Mingala on the list!

Thank you for the tags and award too! You are soooo sweet. It may take me a few days to deliver and pass them on but I am so honored to be in your list!

Anonymous said...

My pleasure, Nicole! You're a sweetheart. Take your time on the tags - it's no fun if you have to rush.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Cafe Mingala is a cozy little restaurant with easy on the pockets prices. It's the perfect place to dine after blowing all your money on shoes.

xoxox Amy

p.s. Wishing you fun & success in the Big Apple!

Nicole said...

Thanks Amy! I need all the help, hope, wishes and success I can get! This is a huge leap of faith.