Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stale Bread

What do you do when you have stale French bread?

Make French toast of course!!!

Make croutons
Make bread pudding
Make bread crumbs for coating
Make stuffing
Make a strada

Or let the kids have it... or the dog!!!

go to a pond, lake, river, ocean and feed it to the ducks.

Do you have any good suggestions or recipes for stale bread??


Visit ToDay said...

I will find out how to make a stale bread coz it's look delicious. Thx for your information ^^


Nicole said...

Thanks so much for visiting!

Lisa Conmara said...

i will have to send you my recipe for panzanella salad which uses stale bread... i'm sure you know it well.
i have meant to post about it - i think i'll link a stale bread post to yours and mention it!

Jared said...

Huge fan of good french toast and yours looks fantastic! Does stale bread work better than fresh bread or is it just a good alternative when you have stale bread to make french toast?

Nicole said...

Please do send me your recipe, Lisa. Panzanella (for me) is one of those dishes that if it is good, I love it but if not I don't like it at all. One key is getting good tomatoes of course.

Jared, I think that stale bread DOES work a little better than fresh. Since the bread it so much drier it soaks up the egg/milk mixture better. Actually, french toast was invented BECAUSE of stale bread. As a way to use it up without waste.