Sunday, March 16, 2008

Miss 'N Nick Designs

I know I set this blog up to be about food and art but I am so excited to announce the launch of the new and improved website for Miss 'N Nick Designs! Well Miss 'N Nick is art actually! All of the designs are my illustrations and imagination.

It looks so much better now thanks to Staci and the team at Quirky Bird. The site is not only more pleasing to the eye but easy to navigate and complete with a shopping cart.

Since I write about food here, I will show off these teasers to whet your appetite and your whistle!

Please stop by for a visit and tell a friend!


taste memory said...

luv the title art and aioli...esp. your illustrations, congrats on your new launch.

I went to art school some *ahem* years back - and am an artist/designer at heart - love your illustrations.

Thanks for visiting & commenting on my site....

I look forward to seeing your posts~got you bookmarked!

Nicole said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you coming to visit and commenting. I also went to art school some years back! I am no young pup. Hopefully I will put up some of my old paintings and drawings (more fine art style) on the blog soon.

I've got you bookmarked as well.

ThePeachTree said...

Lovely work you do :) Such a charming, elegant sense of style.

Nicole said...

Thank you for your compliment. I really appreciate it! Drop by any time.