Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Couple Thoughts... or Babbling about Blogging...

It has been several weeks now since I found and fell into this whole new world of blogging. I have popped back and forth to many many different sites. Some of which are truly amazing! I have followed links and threads found my self weaving a crazy maze through a new and unknown city the way I would explore an old town in Europe. I have lost myself and lovely sites. Some I take the time to bookmark. I have found some again and others sadly I have not. Maybe I should have left a trail of breadcrumbs. But I am sure as I continue to wind and weave and pop and click and follow the links, I will find them again and some more to boot!

Over the past weeks I have become somewhat obsessed with looking around and with thinking about my own blog. I wake up at night with this thought or that and this idea or that. I have pictures on my camera aching to be downloaded and paired with the words in my head. But a part time business and full time children often prevent me from leaping ahead and consuming my days in this new found world.

But as I have been reading through blogs and posts and websites. While I was following links and suggestions and recommendations and leaving a comment here and there... I began to notice some of the names were familiar. Some of the clicks or alleys I went down led to a place I had been before. In reading other comments I note that many bloggers know each other and speak like or act like friends. Of course most of the conversing and "clicks" or groups are in the genre that I am interested in. None of this may be news to you but for me it is, as I said, all new and different.

In some ways this leaving of comments has reminding me of passing notes in high school. We all did it. But now you won't get in trouble for it. Unless of course you have a boss who might sneak up behind you. So I am the new kid on campus. I don't know anybody. I just kind of pop over to these various groups and try to say something interesting in hopes of meeting some friends. Some people are nice enough to talk back. Others seem so popular, I don't know that they could have the time to READ all the comments let alone comment to all. Do the popular "kids" want to read the note passed from the new kid on campus? Do they want to peek over to your blog? It is hard to be extremely witty or pithy in just a few sentences on a comment. In many ways it doesn't matter. This blog is for me. A personal place to put down thoughts, images and words. But then again why bother with a blog if you don't have some crazy desire to connect and reach out or share with others?

Well that is my 2¢ on blogging for the day... or for now anyway. Just thoughts twirling in my head. Time to pick up little-'uns from preschool.

But first... Thank you to all those who have been so kind as to visit and some of you have even deemed me worthy of a comment. For that I am grateful and cannot wait to get to know you all better!

NOTE: Illustrations within this post are original pieces of art done by me on spec in a project with another author. All rights are reserved for these and all illustrations or art within this site. Please share or show any artwork but do not copy or use for any other purposes. Thank you.


Elly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Nicole! I am happy to have a new blog to check out, myself. It's definitely true that the more you blog, the more circles you become a part of. The blogosphere is a pretty great community :)

Nicole said...

Hi Elly. So glad you checked out my blog. It is really a fun and exciting new community to belong to. I am enjoying it so far. I will keep checking back with your blog too.

Journey_of_Life said...

hope you like this site. please check it out.
&& also i have a question-
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Sherry said...

Hi Nicole,
My daughter showed me the kind comment you left on her blog. And she is honored to be included in a list that includes J K Rowling and Martha Stewart. *smiles* Welcome to blogging. Do you know about Bloglines so that you can subscribe to blogs? When you go to your bloglines account each day it will show you the blogs that you have subscribed to that have just updated. It makes blog-hopping even more fun. We are a little familiar with the Irvine area as we come down to a doctor every now and then in Tustin. It is fun to read posts about the area. Keep on blogging!
I really like the illustrations that you posted. You have a gift!

Nicole said...

I am so happy you came to visit. I actually grew up in North Tustin. My parents are still there. All 3 of my sisters are in Tustin Ranch. I am the one who is far away... a couple hills over and in Orange! I know how to subscribe to blogs... I get this orange up on the browser window. Is that the same as bloglines? I truly am a novice at this blog thing. Any help is VERY much appreciated. How do you inspire visitors and traffic on your site?

Sherry said...

Hi Nicole,

Bloglines.com might be a little different. You can look it up and see what you like best. Well, my daughter has always commented on the blogs she reads and that is how she has received the fun of so many readers. I have to admit, that I don't usually take the time to comment much and so I think I may have just a handful of loyal readers. I do a lot of Internet research about our health issues, so I guess that's why I'm lazy when it comes to commenting.

Lisa Conmara said...

i don't know how i missed this post - its so true! i'm new on the block myself and it can make me feel like a kid "can i play can i play?" - so funny! x

Nicole said...

Hope you had a great weekend!

Nicole said...

I will have to check out those bloglines. Thanks, Sherry!