Sunday, September 21, 2008

Napa Rose Bar -- Disneyland Grand California Hotel

We have season passes to Disneyland. As do my sisters. Being that the kids are very little toddlers, we generally go only for a few hours, a couple rides and then call it a day. Because we are there for such a short time, we usually park in the Downtown Disney parking lot. This lot is free for 3 hours and then you get an hour or two free with validation.

Inside the Disneyland park, a burger, fries and a drink or something to that effect is probably close to $10 – $15 per person! And that burger will BARELY have any meat and the meat that is there is cooked until it has the texture of cardboard and the fries are tepid and limp.

But my sister discovered that if you leave the park and walk a few steps over to the California Grand Hotel, you can then meander to the Napa Rose Restaurant.

We go to Disneyland to have fun with the kids so the main dining room is not appropriate. But the bar is very very nice, practically empty and offers both the kid menu and appetizer menu. Adult beverages start at around $7 each. Adult appetizers around $13. So that is only $20 and you have
WINE and gooooood food! Okay. It may NOT be a huge portion. But it is good and balanced. You will sit in a soft, relaxing chair near a fireplace. A waiter will server you and you will have a plethora of enticing options.

The kids menu offers roasted chicken breast, mashed potatoes and vegetable for only $13. Likewise the filet mignon on the kids plate is $13!!!! My husband said “it is probably so small… barely a medalian!” But do you thing the burger patty in the park is any bigger????
AND they validate for you! This saves a few dollars too.

My kids shared a pasta with red sauce for $7 and ate the WHOLE thing!!! Quite a rarity! As well as a cheese pizza for $7. My husband also had a slice of theirs. It would have been enough to fill me up. I got a prociutto, caramelized onion, cheese (I forget the name), grape and fig pizza ($13) and a glass of red wine ($7ish).

We also got dessert!!!! THREE scoops of ice cream (gooooood quality) for $6.50 on the kid menu. At Haagen Dazs just outside you get ONE scoop for around $4.00!!! And a flourless chocolate cake with dark chocolate, orange ganache and cinnamon ice cream! Yeah baby!!!

Why go with crappy junk when for a few dollars more you have a mini fine dining experience!

Works for me!!!

What would you prefer?

* This image was taken from my Iphone... sorry for the quality!


Laura Lutz said...

I looooove Napa Rose! It's an oasis of sanity in an otherwise crazy environment!

MamaGeek said...

I wanna go THERE! And the iPhone quality is still better than some point and shoots. :)

Lisa Conmara said...

Wow! How lucky are you to have Disneyland on your door step. I've only ever been to the one in Paris, which is wonderful - I'm sure some day I'll get to visit the original!

Darius T. Williams said...

Yup - definitely a mini-fine dining experience!!!!


Nicole said...

Laura- Isn't it though.... Such a lovely and QUIET little spot.

Mamageek- The iPhone does do pretty good photos in natural light. The main issue is there is no flash for indoors.

Lisa- We are pretty lucky. Even though I have grown up around the corner, I have ALWAYS loved loved loved Disneyland. Somehow... it still has the magic.

Darius- You got it! Not that there is anything wrong with burgers... if they are GOOD ones.