Wednesday, September 17, 2008

From My Garden To Yours!

Don't you love it when fate or perfect timing steps in? The other day when I had a beautiful piece of fresh salmon waiting in the refrigerator, I was folding laundry and just half-heartedly watching the Food Network when all of a sudden I hear Paula Deen mention Garden Salmon. My head perked up and I listened. By garden Salmon, she was referring to using the herbs from her garden with a little butter and then baking it. Easy enough!

I set out to do the same. My garden is a little pathetic these days though. I just do NOT have a green thumb. Brown is more like it! But my basil is still growing well. Not in the pots but in the ground. And there are still peppers growing. The Fresno chili plant is especially prolific.

To begin, I turned the oven to 350ยบ and took out a large piece of tin foil. I placed my salmon down and added a fairly good slab of butter. Then I topped with the basil and Fresno chilies from my garden along with capers, lemon slices and a little garlic salt and pepper. The tinfoil was closed and I put it in the oven. How easy was that!

About 13-14 minutes later, I took it out and here is what I got. Tender, juicy, flaky, moist salmon! I plated it with a little orzo which had just a little olive oil and fresh Parmesan sprinkled on top. It was delicious and felt fairly light and a perfect late summer meal. And salmon is amazingly good for you. It has a ton of those Omega-3 fatty acids that not only good for you body and heart but can increase brain development and help skin look younger and more beautiful! Talk about a miracle fish. Who doesn't want to be a young healthy braniac with gorgeous skin?

Speaking of fate. I would like to dedicate this dish to Rebecca, my new adoptee. From my garden and home to yours... I hope you like fish and I DO hope I have some wisdom to impart. I was paired with Rebecca at Ezra Pound Cake in the Adopt a Blogger Event created by Kristen at Dine and Dish. It is a really fun event that pairs more experienced bloggers as mentors to those who are newer to the game. If you are feeling sage these days, go sign up at Dine and Dish.

Now here's the funny thing. I am supposed to be the mentor! Good thing I've been eating my salmon! It is ironic as I feel so new to the blogosphere as it is. And one look at Rebecca's cooking and photography and I am SURE I can learn a lot from her. You have to check it all out. She is a newly married, professional cook who is currently on hiatus. Congratulations!

From what I've seen so far, she is one talented young lady. I am dying to try some of her recipes. The pastries are divine! But first up may just have to be these Fried Green Tomatoes with Buttermilk-Lime Dressing. I can't stop thinking about them. I just hope I can find the green tomatoes.

Keep checking back as I hope to recreate on of Rebecca's masterpieces very soon. Meanwhile, I am getting the house in order to head up to the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa for the weekend. A family friend will be getting married there and I am sure it will prove to be about the most spectacular wedding I ever go to unless I start hob-nobbing with the stars.


Kristen said...

You both have such great sites... I think you'll learn from each other and have fun together :)Thanks for participating.

Have fun this weekend. What a great place to attend a wedding!

Darius T. Williams said...

You have to love paula deen, right? She so inspirational - but when I read about that pat of butter...I just knew it was inspired by her. The woman can't do anything without butter - but I still love her and DVR her religiously!


Robin Sue said...

Yeah you adopted too! I love both of your sites and Nicole you are such an encouraging person. Ezra Pound Cake will greatly enjoy your friendship! Have fun at the wedding!

Nicole said...

Kristen- Thanks! I am excited about the event. Rebecca and her site are wonderful. This weekend will be lovely. My first non-work get away from the kids for more than an evening!!!

Darius- Paula Deen is great. And there's nothing wrong with a little butter now and then! At least it is REAL if a bit fattening.

Robin- I saw that you adopted! This will be fun. But you have real experience. ;-) My sister adopted her baby girl a year ago. She also has two biological boys. So wonderful.

Lisa Conmara said...

YUMMY! Being Irish, I of course love Salmon, but we're a bit too fond of the ole dill and the ole parsley sauces so its great to get new ideas!

Erin said...

I adore cooking fish in packets. It's always so moist and fresh tasting. And it's so fun that you had some things from your own garden to use in the recipe!

That's great that you adopted a blogger. I feel like I fall somewhere in the middle... I don't feel like an expert blogger who could help someone else very mcuh, but I also have enough experience that I'm not quite a newbie. I'll keep sorting things out, and maybe I can adopt someone next time. I'm sure you'll be a huge help to your new blogger!

Gloria (Canela) said...

This is absolutely yummy dear Nicole! xxGloria

Lori Lynn said...

Have a great time in Ojai. My mother lived there for years, a magical place.

Simply...Gluten-free said...

This is my first time here, very nice blog! said...

girl i saw salmon and garden and for the stupidest moment ever i thought how the hec is she growing fish in her backyard! clearly it's way too early for me on a sunday morning!

Have fun at your fiesta!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Ooooh, you're going to have fun at that spa! and your skin will be glowing after eating that good salmon that made. I have such a taste for salmon too, and this is flavorful and so easy! Thanks Nicole and have a wonderful time

Nicole said...

Lisa- Well dill and salmon (and many other fishes) are one of my favorite combinations!

Erin- I feel in the middle too. But it is just a fun way to meet someone and we can learn from each other.

Gloria- Thank you!

Lori- Ojai was amazing. We had the most perfect weather. It is such a lovely spot.

Simply...Gluten Free- Welcome! So glad you like the blog.

Bren- Even Paula Deen made a joke about that! The party was amazing!

Marie- The weekend was heaven. Soooooo relaxing and full of good food! Just perfect.