Thursday, July 31, 2008

Old School Egg Salad Gets New California Girl Makeover

Back in my single days, I rarely had bread in the house. I mean I do like bread but regular sliced sandwich bread is just so so and frankly I could never eat the whole loaf by myself before it went bad. And I am not one to freeze bread that was just mediocre to begin with. So mostly I bought French baguettes or fresh sour dough or something from a bakery only when having people over or doing appetizers or bringing home a fabulous piece of cheese and a bottle of wine. Back then I basically shopped when I was ready to eat and KNEW I was going to be home to eat. When you are single it just seems that sometimes a week or two may go by and you never end up eating at home except a quick snack. Or that was how it was for me. So I hated to buy things that spoiled quickly.

Now while I didn't have any bread in the house regularly, I DID always have tortillas. What good Californian doesn't? They seem to last quite a while in the refrigerator and it is just easy to whip up a quesadilla or burrito or something when there isn't much to eat. Now most of you have probably made plenty of quesadillas and burritos with your tortillas but how about wrapping up cold cuts or other sandwich fillings? My favorite choice for this is egg salad.

Egg salad is a childhood comfort food for me. There is nothing like it just the way my mother and grandmother made it on fresh, soft, plain white bread. But when all else fails and you don't have bread, try a tortilla!

Simply hard boil your eggs and make the egg salad as to your preference. I do it simply, as my mom did, with good quality mayonnaise, a little paprika, salt and pepper and occasionally a tiny bit of Dijon.

Using tongs, heat your tortilla over a gas flame moving it around and flipping until it is warm and browned on each side. This is what makes the tortilla really tasty especially if it isn't really fresh.

Place the egg salad on the tortilla and fold like a burrito.


Try it at home sometime. It is really good. Especially if the egg and tortilla are still a bit warm!


MamaGeek said...

Seriously, this is my favorite of yours yet. I have bookmarked it and am going to try it this weekend. LOVE it!

Rindy R said...

Yum! What a great idea. I, too, always have tortias on hand - and how can you go wrong with egg-sally! What a yummy summer meal.

Lori Lynn said...

Great idea, and I like the simple straight-forward egg salad recipe too.

Kristen said...

Oh I love the sounds of this. Delicious!

That Girl said...

I keep my tortillas in the freezer! The last longer that way.

Darius T. Williams said...

I totally hate egg salad - but I'm digging your presentation...for real!


Nicole said...

Mamageek- Ha ha! Let me know how you like it!

Rindy- Welcome to my blog. It is a nice summer meal. But I eat it for lunch year round.

Lori Lynn- Sometimes the simple recipes are the best aren't they?

Kristen- Thank you!

Kate- Yep. They do! But actually they even last for weeks in the refridgerator!

Darius- Well we can't all like everything all the time! Welcome to my blog. I am glad you like the presentation.

Carrie said...

I love egg salad, but I usually have to separate it into two batches because my husband and I have different preferences--he likes it plain (just mayo and very little seasoning), and I like it doctored (celery, scallions, Essence, and sometimes dijon). YUM! It figures I'd see something this tempting the one weekend I don't have eggs in the house!

Robin Sue said...

Ugh I always had stale bread when I was single. Tortillas are great to have around. I do like egg salad just how your mom makes it, just real simple.

Nicole said...

Carrie- Oh how I understand your plight with the husband with different tastes!! Mine is so picky.

Robin- Yes. Sometimes I just like things simple. Doesn't sully the palate.

A World in a PAN said...

I agree, I came back from California with .. tortillas in my suitcase!

Nicole said...

Laura- You are so funny! You could probably make them just as well.

melissa said...

I LOVE egg salad. What a nice twist on the traditional sandwich. I really need to make some soon.

Nicole said...

Melissa- Doesn't simple food like egg salad hit the spot sometimes?

Are you going to the Foodbuzz dinner here in OC?