Sunday, July 13, 2008

Concert in the Park

Every summer, here in Southern California, various cities offer free concerts in the park. I have been to them in a few different cities. My sisters go nearly every week. People bring food or buy it there and hang out on the grass- picnic style and mingle and listen to different bands. I like to join my sisters when I have the time. We all like to cook to some degree or another and bring things to share.

Trader Joe's had this interesting yogurt dip with cilantro and chives that I had purchased. I also got some Brie. So I marinated some chicken (seen in the first photo) with fresh squeezed lemon, olive oil, garlic, oregano from my garden and about a 1/2 cup V-8 juice! Listen V-8 juice is great for so many things. Drink it straight for a quick veggie boost. Add your tobasco and lime and vodka etc. for a late morning cocktail with friends. But I think it can add nice flavor to a marinade for chicken or steak too. I also like use it to thin down a thick marinara sauce or to get the tomato sauce to go a little further when there isn't much left. It's a nice way to add a few "sneaky" vitamins for the kids that way too! Not that I'm a Jessica Seinfeld or anything.

While the chicken marinated, I took a shower and got ready. I packed up the car and the dry things like napkins, forks etc.... Then I grilled the chicken and some par-baked bread brushed with olive oil from Trader Joes.

The bread was crisp and delicious! I put it in a paper bag so it wouldn't get soggy.

I wrapped the chicken immediately in foil and finished packing our cooler and we were off!

The chicken was still hot when I arrived. It tasted wonderfully with the yogurt dip and toasts. And went well with my sisters hummus too! I also brought some cherry tomatoes and the brie of course and don't forget the vino!

I wish I had pics of our spread but seriously with a playground only feet away, I didn't have many moments to sit, relax, taste and sip before running after my very very active 2 year old! Maybe I'll get some more photos next week!


MamaGeek said...

Girl, you have a GIFT. You can make anything look delicious. Wow, that sounds so lovely. Yum. O.

Nicole said...

Thank you Mamageek! I appreciate it!

Sherry said...

And I love the details - like the order you did things in as you prepared and what you wrapped everything in. So helpful, but not often thought of as important.

Proud Italian Cook said...

This is a great idea for a picnik in the park, we have a place we go to in Chicago called Ravinia,its goumet picniking on the lawn, and each year we have a big group go and we all bring food, I'm always looking for new ideas. Aug 23rd we are going for Tony Bennett.

Nicole said...

Sherry- Glad you liked it. It is helpful to know the order of preparations!

Proud Italian- Tony Bennett!!! Now that is very cool!!