Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Onion Soup - Comfort Food at its Best!

Spring has been a little funny this year. We have had a few warm days, some mild days and a few down right chilly days (for California that is). I also have read that a lot of you in different parts of the country or the world are facing a really cold spring, possibly some snow even. I really cannot imagine. But given the pending rain in the next day or two here, I thought I would offer up one of my very favorite comfort foods which is perfect for a chilly night. Although, unless temperatures are over 85°, I am happy with it any time.

French Onion Soup! Simple and so easy to make and it never fails to make me happy. You can look around at recipes and may have a favorite of your own. Frankly they all seem pretty similar to me. If you taste and add as you go, you should get it just right for your taste. Here is what I put in.

French Onion Soup (adapted from The Joy of Cooking)

2 Tbls unsalted butter
2 Tbls olive oil
5-6 onions sliced thinly
1-3 cloves of garlic diced
1-2 Tbls. fresh chopped thyme (tarragon also works really well)
1/4 cup dry sherry, cognac, or wine (I use sherry usually)
4 cups beef stock (or more to taste)
salt and pepper to taste

French Bread (stale or toasted works best)
Cheese (I prefer a good Swiss cheese such as Gruyère or Emmenthaler. But Mozzarella or provolone also work well. I also think it sometimes melts faster when grated but is prettier if you slice it before putting it under the broiler.)

Melt the butter with olive oil in large stock pot. Add onions, thyme or tarragon and garlic. Cook on medium to low heat until the onions begin to color and turn golden. This will take some time. Stir occasionally and allow at least 20 minutes or more. At this point you can put a lid on the pot and allow the onions to continue their slow cook until brown. Check it often and stir occasionally. Once again, this may take time. Up to another 30 minutes to an hour.

When the onions are the desired color add the alcohol and cook down for a minute or two. Add your stock and bring to a boil.. Reduce the heat and simmer uncovered for 20 minutes or more. Season with salt and pepper.

Spoon into individual bowls or cruets. Place a piece of toast or bread onto the soup, top with the cheese and place under the broiler until cheese is browned. Serve right away.

BE CAREFUL! I know you are aware that things from the oven are hot but something about these bowls with cheese under the broiler. REALLY hot and easy to burn yourself on. It is also very hot when you take that first bite. I don't know how many times, my tongue has been numbed with burns from onion soup!

To take comfort to an even more comfortable level (especially with little ones). On this particular evening I paired the soup with a simple burger. The kids love theirs with mustard. Normally I want my hamburger with the works but with such a substantial soup, good meat and....

Freshly made rolls created from the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day recipe, simple was just right!

And to make the children (and big adult kids) happy, I worked up a batch of homemade fries as well. Remember when I said I was going to blanch a bunch of potatoes and freeze them in this post? Well let me tell you! I did it. I must have cut and blanched about 15 or more potatoes in my deep fryer. When they had cooled enough I put them in ziplock bags and placed them in the freezer. The result was a much quicker homemade fry on the night desired and it was SO crispy! It is my new method. If I have any potatoes and spare time, I will blanch and freeze for the future. The kids love them. I know fries aren't very healthy but it has to be better than fast food right?

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Kim in the Kitchen said...

I've been wanting to try homemade French onion soup for a really long time, so maybe I'll try your recipe. It looks delicious!

On a side note, do you remember a long time ago when you made Dutch Babies? I think I made a comment on your blog about having a recipe for those but never trying it. Well I finally got around to making them! They were good! I'll be posting about them next week.

Peter M said...

French Onion is a top-10 of faves and so glad you mastered ABin5 easy - so delish!

Robin Sue said...

This is my hubby's favorite soup of all time. He orders it out all the time. I have made it before from scratch and it is so good. I will have to try yours. Great idea about the french fires. And they are better than take out!

Danielle said...

I love french onion soup--I just made some myself this past weekend. And I also have to say that I LOVE the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day--it's my bread bible now!

Lori Lynn said...

A good French Onion Soup, always a winner.

Like your idea for the fries. Not unhealthy if cooked in an oil that's good for you, no?

melissa said...

I have good party recipes from the past, but I don't think I can fit something new in by Sunday. If I was at home for the weekend maybe, but I'm going to San Diego Saturday-Sunday. I'll try to get you something!

Also? I adore onion soup. And nice shortcut on the fries. Better than fast food for sure. I mean, you're not making them every day for Pete's sake.

Elra said...

Glad that my son is not right next to me at the moment. He's been asking for his favorite onion soup, and I have been promising to make it.

What an idea to serve the soup with fries (I'll take the fries please).

Betty C. said...

Do you know that I hardly ever eat French Onion Soup? It's not on many menus here in the south -- I think it's more a Parisian area thing. I love it, though. I guess I should make some!

Joie de vivre said...

Everything looks wonderful! Aren't you loving Artisan Bread in 5? And your fries turned out so well!

Nicole said...

Kim- You should make French Onion soup. It is so easy. The only hard part is waiting for the cheese to brown just right.

Peter- It's in my top 10 too. One of the first soups I ever loved as a kid.

Robin Sue- Oh you should make it if you husband loves it! Whenever I make it, it is just for me unless I have guests. My picky picky family!

Danielle- Thanks for coming by! Don't you just love that book.

Lori Lynn- I like to think I am giving my kids a better fry if I started from scratch with real potatoes!

Melissa- Feel free to submit an old recipe and link if you like. Would just love to have you at the shindig!

Elra- I hear you. I cannot see a fry with out wanting it and HAVING to eat some!

Betty- That is funny that the soup isn't on the menus there. I always ordered it at the cafes and bars in Paris when I was there.

Joie de Vivre- Yes! The book is awesome!

Kevin said...

Onion soup is so good!

Nicole said...

Hi Kevin- Welcome! I just love it too!

The Kitchen Buzz said...

The onion soup looks so delish - I'm starving. Love this recipe.

Nicole said...

Thank you Kitchen Buzz! I hope you tried it. Thank you for stopping by.