Friday, April 10, 2009

Don't Forget!!! The Virtual Open House Extravaganza + a Giveaway!

You are ALL invited! In honor of Art and Aioli's ONE year anniversary, I am hosting a VIRTUAL Open House night with food, wine, art and great company!

I would love for you to participate! Bring an appetizer, beverage, or dessert to share. Or send me some artwork to hang on the wall. I will need your food and art submissions by 6am April 13th.

Please send entries to missNnick [at] gmail [dot] com. Include "A and A Open House" in the subject line. Make sure your photos are at least 150 x 150 pixels (square). You will need to include your name, blog name and URL, the name of your entry (dish), the permalink to your entry, and a link back to Art and Aioli!
(Note: There are TWO "N"s in the email address)

Don't forget the giveaway too!
2 Individuals (drawn at random) will each

In order to be eligible for the drawing to win the invitations, you must pop on over to my Stationery Blog at Miss 'N Nick and leave a comment there. You can reach the proper post here:

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A World in a PAN said...

Congratulations for the anniversary and Happy Extravaganza!

Nicole said...

Thank you Laura! If you want to submit a dish, I would love to have you join in. Feel free to send it as late as midnight California time!

Bunny said...

I'm sorry I missed this, I worked all weekend. But look forward to seeing everybody's entries!

melissa said...

I can have something for you if you want, but don't know if I can send it until after work today. Can I send it that late?

melissa said...

And it's something new! I made it last night for ya! :D

Nicole said...

Hey Melissa!
That is great. Thank you so much for remembering and playing along. I actually meant to have the post up sometime this morning but... as things go, with kids et al, it won't be up until at least late afternoon as I am still working on it. So go ahead and send it over! I will slip it in!

melissa said...

Sending it in about 10 minutes!!