Monday, February 2, 2009

Starting Early

They say that "imitation is the best form of flattery." They also say that the earlier you start, the easier it is to learn and to become very good at something. Who are "THEY"???????? Well let's leave that conversation for another day unless you know the definitive answer!

Often when I am taking photos of my food and creations, my kids tell me to take a shot of their plate. I oblige even if their food is not very interesting or well plated. That is the beauty of digital after all. You can take as many photos as you want and it doesn't matter. But the other day, clear out of the blue when I was not working on anything special or using the camera, my daughter told me she needed the camera. You see she has been into making her own sandwich lately. She has a small knife that she likes to use for the mayonnaise and works very hard to make it just right. On this day she was extremely proud because she felt her sandwich was perfect to her specifications. Just the right amount of turkey and salami (her favorite sandwich) and when she bit into it, it kept it's shape and didn't fall apart as many of her creations usually do.

So this post is for Danielle (age 4 1/2). Above you see HER favorite sandwich on her favorite bread. She made it herself. (I cut the bread of course). She shot the photo herself as well. She took a few photos. Of the sandwich and our work environment and one of me!

Danielle's Sandwich Recipe
Use fresh good quality French bread or rustic Italian white bread. Spread an ample amount of good quality mayonnaise onto each piece of bread. Put down a layer of turkey and a few pieces of salami. Put the second piece of bread on top and eat.

Dear Danielle,
Hopefully years from now, you will still be able to find this blog or have some record of it and all the posts and photos. May you have become the beautiful young woman I know you can be and hopefully you will love to cook and take photos like I do and we can share our passion and new recipes together.

My not as messy as usual kitchen and funny pose and over done smile that I seem to make when my child is taking the photo! Another hot day in winter here in sunny CA! I am usually in a tank top.


Ladoo said...

you really have very nice and sexy figure i appreciate your beauty don't take me wrong.

Elra said...

You are such a sweet mom. Those are beautiful words!

That Girl said...

It's the modern day equivalent of hanging art on the fridge!

Nicole said...

Ladoo- Thank you.

Elra- Welcome! You are very kind. I hope she will be able to read it one day.

Kate- What a perfect analogy! I love it! You are so clever all the time!

Joie de vivre said...

Danielle, you go little girl! I wonder what my kids think of all of the food photography. They haven't asked to take pictures of their food yet, but I think it's not far off.

Sara said...

What a great post! I think we have the same kitchen countertops!

Darius T. Williams said...

Great post - gotta love this!

Peter M said...

Nicole, If I lived in Cali, I'd be in flip-flops all year'round.

A daughter was proud of with it!

Robin Sue said...

Nicole - great post! Your daughter made a lovely sandwich! Tell her for me please. Oh and I have to agree with Ladoo's comment. You look great! I have to go to the gym now.

Nicole said...

Joie de vivre- Maybe you should ask them what they think. What are their ages?

Sara- Too funny about the counter tops. I really like mine. How about you? Thank you for coming by my blog. Do come again.

Darius- Thanks!

Peter- I am always in flip flops. So much so that every time I have a closed shoe, I get a blister in no time.

Robin Sue- I will tell Danielle. And that was a MUCH more flattering shot of me than the other 2 she took. Good think she doesn't know how to upload or post yet! Just make sandwiches and take photos (which can be deleted when necessary). But thank you just the same!

Lori Lynn said...

Adorable. Maybe we'll read about Chef Danielle and her restaurant empire one day?

Lori Lynn said...

Adorable. Maybe we'll read about Chef Danielle and her restaurant empire one day?

Nicole said...

Lori Lynn- That would be so cool wouldn't it? How proud would I be!

Lisa said...

Aw bless!

You should be uploading to Blurb once a year Miss Nicole!!! The new heirlooms!

also i have never EVER seen a jar of helmans that size! I could, and given my love of mayo, probably would, dive in!

Nicole said...

Lisa- It is so funny you mentioned Blurb. I have had the site bookmarked to do something for my mother and was just thinking the other day maybe I would take my kids photos and do one for every year... (maybe less as they get older.. changing less etc...)

You know how it is here in the US about large things... That mayo is used quick in my house. My kids eat a ton of sandwiches and I also make ranch dressing a lot. I don't like the prebottled stuff. So we go through a LOT of mayonnaise. Scary. And as to diving in... BOTH my kids try to stick their fingers in for licks if I don't put the lid on quickly!